Some Thoughts re: Spirit Mimics

During the last two cases I’ve been a part of, my team has come across an intruguing type of activity that I had never experienced or heard much about before. In both instances, it seems as if a disembodied voice is impersonating a living person. For instance, in the first case I heard (and we recorded audio of) what sounds like a loud gasp that could not be attributed to any one of us present at the time. At the reveal, our client remarked that it actually sounded like her mother who lives in the house and experiences the most activity.

In the second case, our clients had reported several occasions when they overheard family members having conversations in other rooms when they weren’t even in the house. Interestingly enough, during our investigation in that house this past Friday, I heard our group leader talking in the basement only to find out after I called down to him that he had actually been in a room adjacent to me on the first floor.  

Surprisingly, I have not been able to track down a lot of documentation on this phenomenon. However, in his book “Shadow World”, esteemed para researcher Brad Steiger does talk about a type of entity he classifies as a spirit mimic, which a review on his website describes thusly:

Spirit Mimics: Beings that assimilate a solid form, sometimes mimicking known living people, some just assimilating people. They often mimic human form and voices, but usually speak in outdated lingo and have strange mannerisms.

This seems to be a close approximation of what we’ve experienced, although it seems that we’ve only noted audible experiences and not visual thus far.

An alternative explanation might be that the phenomenon is not caused by an intelligent entity at all – perhaps the places where these events occur are particularly prone to capturing residual energy, and tend to record and replay events at random. If this were the case, it would seem to go against the popular theory that residual events are caused by trauma or repetition, since I heard my colleague being impersonated during his first time in the house. On the other hand,  much of the other activity reported in these locations (particularly the first) seemed residual,  so a proclivity for this type of energy makes sense.

At any rate, I’d like to learn a little more this phenomenon and what others have experienced. Have you encountered a similar phenomenon? Care to speculate at another possible explanation?

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~ by rodneyquinn on August 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Some Thoughts re: Spirit Mimics”

  1. I had several experiences with a spirit mimic–they were about thirty years ago, though. However, I remember them vividly and especially remember how puzzled and confused I was at the time. Several years ago I read Mr. Steiger’s book, “Shadow World”, and that explained at least some things to me. That was the first time I had ever read ANYTHING at all in print about the subject, and it helped me to feel not so alone about my experiences. Wish I knew more about what they are and where they come from.

  2. hey wow im glad i found this. i cant find much on these spirits. im looking for information on them because the last 1 1/2 years i have been or think i have had one following me around. i feel realy lerie about telling people about it but since i dont know you and you dont know me it doesnt matter if you think im nuts right? my expeirences started about a month after my boyfriend deployed. now i chalked it up to nothing more than missing him and this being the way my mind was dealing with it. but after having experiences of it mimicing others, i started questioning it. now that my boyfriend is back and has been back for a while and im still having the experiences, i know something else is going on… i see this post is kinda old so do you have more info on these spirits??

  3. I was staying with a friend a little over a year ago. He came in from work and went straight to his room exhausted and had to get up early for another shift. I slept in the guest bedroom. I had a strange dream about a fire and a baby being burned. I woke up startled to see my friend laying next to me dressed up in his clubbing clothes. He didnt say a word, just got up and left the room. I went back to sleep feeling uneasy but checked with him the next day and he swore up and down he was sound asleep which I believe him because of how busy he was with work and how long it takes him to get ready for the club, plus he wouldnt do something like that to me. Him and his mom have both told me they experienced similar things in that house. I am a practicing psychic, spiritualist and Clairvoyant and little unnerves me, but that was one of the creepiest experiences I have ever had. I do not believe these Spirits Mimics are good Spirits.

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